Saturday, February 20, 2016

Relight-Better Photos

No matter how good your phone’s camera is, it never quit captures the photo you want. The picture is too dark or it is just a little blurry. With the Relight app you can actually get pictures closer to what you actually see.

Relight uses eight special modes to bring out the best in all your photos.

Enhance - Improve lighting, contrast, and color to give your photos a more  natural to the eye look
Low Light - Improve dim lighting and correct exposure problems
Artistic - Add creative HDR effects to your photos
Clarity - Bring out details and enhance local contrast to make your photos stand out
Sky - Enhance contrast in the sky to create a distinct look
Dramatic - Heighten the emotion of your photos with bold lighting
Overexposure - Improve washed out and overexposed photos
Fog - Reduce fog and haze to bring life to otherwise dull photos

With all the photo enhancing apps out there, what sets this one apart? I like this app best for two reasons. One is its simplicity. After you download the app, you are given a quick, step-by-step tutorial that explains everything. You don’t have to be a photographer or artist to understand or operate the app. Secondly, it actually enhances your pictures without making them appear cartoonish.

Name of App: Relight

Audience: Adult

Platform: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 8.1 or higher

What the app does and why we recommend it: Enhances photos so they appear more like what the eye sees

Platform used to recommend: iPhone

Cost: $1.99

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