Friday, June 10, 2016

Stitcher - Your place for podcasts

Podcasts, audio files available on the internet that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device, are becoming extremely popular.  According to the website Statista, in 2015 17% of the population had listened to a podcast and from January to March 2016, that figure had jumped to 21%.

If you are an avid podcast listener or would like to try one out, why not try the Stitcher app.  Stitcher allows the user access 40,000+ podcasts and radio shows via their mobile devices.  Topics range from News and Politics, Education, Games and Hobbies, Science and Medicine, Entertainment, Technology and others.  You mark your favorite podcasts for easy access.  Stitcher will also give you suggestions on podcasts you might like to try.

  • Name of App: Stitcher
  • Audience: Adult and Teen
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • What the App Does and why we recommend it: This app allows user to listen to podcasts that might be of interest to them
  • What platform we used to recommend the app: Android
  • Cost (at time of review):  Free

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