Wednesday, January 20, 2016

STREAKS. The to-do list that helps you form good habits.

It’s been almost three weeks since we have all started our New Year’s Resolutions. If you are anything like me, you are probably finding it harder and harder to stick with them. The first couple of days it felt good just knowing that I walked 5,000 steps or I did not drink that soda that was calling my name. But just knowing that I reached my daily goal is not as exciting as it was at the beginning. Then I discovered the STREAKS app!

STREAKS is an app that helps you form new daily habits with the “don’t break the chain” method. You can choose up to six tasks that you want to turn into daily habits: Go to the gym, Drink 64 oz. of water, Read for 10 minutes, etc. Every time you complete a task, your streak is extended. If you skip a day, your streak will be broken and it will reset to zero. If you have a task you do not want to complete every day, you can set the task to be completed on certain days so that your streak is not broken. STREAKS works hand in hand with the iOS Health app to automatically track certain activity-based goals such as Walk 5,000 steps. Other tasks are tracked simply by tapping a button every time you finish.

STREAKS is different from other “don’t break the chain” apps because of its simplicity. Other apps offer you an unlimited number of tasks to set for yourself. It’s impossible to complete all of your tasks when you have 30 different ones you are trying to turn into good healthy habits. With STREAKS the limit is six. This encourages you to focus on the important things that you really want to change from a task into a habit.

Streaks was chosen by Apple for the App Store’s “Best of 2015” list.

Name of App: STREAKS

Audience: Adult

Platform: iOS 8.2 or later

What the App Does and why we recommend it: Helps turn tasks into healthy habits in a simple, motivational way

What platform we used to recommend the app: iOS

Cost of App: $3.99

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